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Nothing But Dope: The Empowering Journey of Tia London


Hailing from Chicago, singer and rapper Tia London, whose journey to prominence has been nothing short of inspiring. Tia's music evolution is a testament to her dedication and passion for the art form. Tia London first caught the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide when she was featured on Twista's track "I'm Yours." Her distinctive voice and powerful delivery left a lasting impression on listeners gaining major praise. In her pursuit of artistic expression, Tia London released her debut full-length album, "Love Junkie” in 2011. The album showcased her versatility as an artist, blending elements of soulful R&B with the raw energy of hip-hop.

The success of "Love Junkie" set the stage for her second album, "The Overdose” in 2012 which further solidified her position as a star in the music world. In 2017, Tia London and her husband, The Legendary Traxster, embarked on a new venture together by founding their own label, Nothing But Dope. Under this label, she released several singles, each garnering praise for their authenticity and emotional depth. Tia's creative journey reached new heights in 2020 with the release of her highly anticipated album, "Alien." The 12-track masterpiece showcased her growth as an artist and featured her husband's skillful production. Each song on the album was a testament to Tia's ability to weave captivating stories through her lyrics and create melodies that lingered in the minds of her audience. "Alien" was not only a triumph but also a reflection of Tia's personal growth and evolution. In 2023, she featured prominently on her husband's album, "CHICAGO," where her performances on tracks like "Me vs Me," "Still Stepping," and "All in Your Face" showcased her versatility and ability to infuse each song with a unique essence.

Beyond her musical accomplishments, Tia London is an inspiration to aspiring artists, especially women, who aspire to make their mark in the male-dominated music industry. Her journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, determination, and self-belief in the pursuit of one's dreams. With albums like "Love Junkie," "The Overdose," and "Alien," Tia has carved a niche for herself in the industry, earning a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. As she continues to create music that resonates with her audience, it is evident that Tia London is destined to leave an indelible mark on the music world for years to come.

We have been listening to "Chicago " non-stop and are really big fans of all her work. We are patiently/ Impatiently waiting on the arrival of her newest project "TJIDKBAW".

Favorite Tia London Song?

  • Working On Me

  • Who Better

  • Loyal

  • Me vs Me

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Jul 17, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is so 🔥

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