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Hustle, Harmony, and Hazel Rose: The Power of Peanut Butter Friends!

Hazel Rose is a multi-talented artist and entrepreneur whose journey began with a simple love for words. As a young girl, she delved into the world of poetry, using it as an expressive outlet to convey her thoughts and emotions. The Bay Area artistic community and organizations like Youth Speaks ignited her passion for storytelling and the power of words. Here, she learned the profound impact of journaling and writing as vehicles for healing and understanding the diverse narratives that surround us.

The Artistic Evolution

After her formative years, Hazel Rose pursued higher education at U.C. Berkeley, studying Peace and Conflict studies. During this time, she became a vital part of a soulful hip-hop group, dedicating six years to honing her musical craft. However, a personal tragedy acted as a catalyst for her artistic journey, propelling her to a new level of creativity. This turning point led her to explore writing for films, TV shows, commercials and artists, establishing herself as a sought-after songwriter and storyteller.

Empowering Others Through Education

Hazel Rose's commitment to her craft goes beyond her own creations.She has served as as youth facilitator and consultant in expressive arts modalities in the Bay Area and Los Angeles for a variety of organizations including the arts for Justice and Healing Network. In June, she embarked on a new endeavor, sharing her expertise through an online course focused on the art of songwriting for TV, films, and commercials. Her passion for teaching and nurturing the creative spirit is evident in her words: "The simple act of writing and being able to share with others is sacred to me, and it's always been at the base of my practice and work."

Bridging Artistry and Entrepreneurial Vision

While Hazel Rose thrives as a music artist, she has also taken on the role of a creative manager. She is the co-owner of Peanut Butter Friends, a full-service creative agency with offices in Nashville and LA alongside business partner Georgia Hutton, where she channels her industry knowledge into supporting artists and companies with branding,marketing and social media management. She also Co-owns 3V3 music group alongside songwriter Rachel West. Her dedication to uplifting fellow artists Has led to her to play a pivotal role in the development of several emerging talents who are set to launch in the nect year.. A shining example of Hazel Rose's commitment to her community can be seen in her appearance on The Mixtape Queens Podcast, where she used her platform to shed light on the experiences of women and members of the queer community. When asked about her advice for those who may feel like they don't belong or aren't enough, Hazel Rose responded with words of encouragement: "I want artists to know that they are precious and gorgeous, a gift to this universe. Keep following your creative engine. Whatever sparks your creative passion, follow where that road leads you, and it's okay if your path doesn't look like anyone else's; your road will look different. Don't be afraid to share what lights you up-your crowd will find you." In Hazel Rose, we find not only an accomplished artist and entrepreneur but also a beacon of inspiration for those navigating the complex and diverse world of creativity in todays world. Her journey exemplifies the power of resilience, self-discovery, and the unwavering belief in one's unique path.



Amanda Sun
Amanda Sun

WE LOVE Hszel Rose !!!!

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