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Beyond the Uniform: Combat Pretty Unleashed

Proud U.S. Army Veteran, Fashionably Influencing, Spiritually Invoking, and Tactically Positive

Welcome to the electrifying world of Combat Pretty, a dynamic force of nature hailing from the streets of North Philly, Pennsylvania. With a magnetic blend of style, spirituality, and positivity, Combat Pretty is a multifaceted artist and influencer who has carved her own unique path in the world of fashion, music, and personal empowerment.

A Musical Journey from Coast to Coast

With a passion for expression that knows no bounds, Combat Pretty has honed her skills in various artistic forms. This spirited veteran soon discovered her mesmerizing talent for music with her distinctive blend of Hip Hop, Dance, Drill, and Trap music. From the bustling streets of Atlanta, Georgia, to the sunny vibes of Orlando, Florida, and the enchanting landscapes of Oahu, Hawaii, Combat Pretty has called many places home. Her music, however, knows no geographical boundaries, extending its reach not only across the East Coast but also across the pond to the United Kingdom through two overseas collaborations.

A Style that Ignites Curiosity

What sets Combat Pretty apart is her one-of-a-kind high glam Afropunk style. Her fashion choices are a visual testament to her creativity, merging bold, unapologetic aesthetics with a touch of grace. Each outfit sparks curiosity and intrigue, inviting people to question the norms and embrace individuality.

Private Love Lingerie: A Vision That Shined Bright

One of Combat Pretty's standout achievements was the creation of "Private Love Lingerie." In its inaugural year, this innovative venture garnered an astounding 1 million views, proving that Combat Pretty has an innate knack for capturing the imagination of her audience. Combat Pretty's unwavering determination to succeed drives her to continually work hard and create marketable content, merchandise, and music for urban professionals seeking inspiration and empowerment. In the world of Combat Pretty, every day is an opportunity to blend fashion, spirituality, and positivity into a vibrant tapestry of self-expression. Her creativity knows no bounds, and the pursuit of personal excellence is paramount. tap in and show this queen love! Combat Pretty inspires and empowers all to be their most fabulous, authentic selves.

The Mixtape Queens are thrilled and excited for everyone to get to know this Queen, she is extremely beautiful inside and out, so make sure you tap in and like, comment, subscribe and follow on all her social media accounts, its worth it!!


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